Environment: The USA wants to allocate a fund of 12 billion to the DRC for access to carbon credits for countries that pollute less

The United States' special envoy for the climate, John Kerry, during a press conference he hosted at the People's Palace in Kinshasa on Monday, October 03, announced the proposal of American President Joe Biden to allocate a 12 billion USD fund for access to carbon credits for countries that pollute less.

According to our colleagues from the Agence Congolaise de Presse, this fund will cover a period of five years, of which three billion USD will be disbursed during the year 2022.

“We are already working in a funding mechanism to make them available to those who are going to create sustainable businesses that respect the environment,” he continued, before pointing out that his country's efforts also include raising awareness of other countries to have more ambition in this area.

Previously, the same informs, the American envoy had discussed, during a bilateral meeting, with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Eve Bazaiba, on questions relating to the natural potentialities that abounds in the DRC and which constitute a solution to climate change.

John Kerry was pleased to agree with Deputy Prime Minister Bazaiba on the possibility of striking the balance between the possibility of conserving nature and the creation of jobs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “She succeeded in passing the law on the reduction of inflation, having made possible the colossal funds which are being deployed. We believe that the efforts which will be made in the Task Force will consolidate this status of DRC," he said.