The countries of the humid tropical basins of the planet want to develop win-win partnerships to benefit local communities from the counterpart

The lanterns went out on Wednesday, September 07 on the International Scientific Conference on the tropical rainforests of the Congo Basin and other basins of the Planet opened Monday, September 05 in Yangambi, in the province of Tshopo.

At the end of these exchanges and discussions, the scientists, more than a hundred from different universities around the world and from the Democratic Republic of Congo, made public a series of recommendations: among others :

  • Develop win-win partnerships that can enhance human capital and benefit local communities in return through the development of income-generating activities and the establishment of effective control mechanisms through better decentralization and empowerment of management structures. base;
  • Support/finance multidisciplinary scientific research and provide equipment and infrastructure for research support structures in the countries of the tropical forest basins;
  • Improve the governance of protected areas, among other things, through participatory management, the effective implementation of management plans, the improvement of the living conditions of local populations through the equitable sharing of benefits;

On the side of Her Excellency Eve Bazaiba Masudi Deputy Prime Minister Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, it is a feeling not only of a job well done but also very well done:

“To you, dear Scientists, my sincere congratulations and thanks for the very high quality exchanges that animated the three days of the Conference.

We certainly organized the first edition and we are determined to maintain the same momentum by organizing other forums for scientists dealing with climate issues.

I sincerely congratulate you for the declaration that you have drafted in a completely participative way, I guarantee you that it will be included in the agenda of the next ministerial meeting of the Précop27 next October”

This closing ceremony took place in the presence of the ambassador of the Netherlands in the DRC, the representative of Unesco and the president of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (Cenco), the Archbishop of Kisangani.