2 million euros mobilized by UNESCO for the DRC for the “Yangambi center of excellence for biodiversity and climate” project

Two million euros have been mobilized by UNESCO for a new project called "Yangambi center of excellence for biodiversity and climate", in favor of the DRC.

The representative of UNESCO, Isaias Barreto announced it at the end of the Precop 27 conference, held from September 5 to 7 in Yangambi, in the province of Tshopo.

"We are very happy to mobilize around 2 million euros from our partners, in particular Belgium, to launch soon a new project called ''Yangambi Center of Excellence for Biodiversity and Climate", he said. noted.

The Precop 27 scientific conference, held in preparation for COP 27 scheduled for November in Egypt, ended with recommendations.

Among which: the improvement of the living conditions of local populations thanks to the equitable sharing of benefits, the strengthening of security in all protected areas, the mobilization of sustainable financing to guarantee community ownership of the forestry process.

Concerning protected areas in particular, "the urgency is to improve governance, in particular through participatory management and the implementation of management plans", said Professor Marco Pereira from Brazil.

Shortly before closing this meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment, Eve Bazaiba asked scientists to build a research network in their respective fields for the benefit of the Congo Basin and other basins on the planet.