SEPTEMBER 05 TO 07, 2022


Within the framework of PRECOP27, the DRC in partnership with the Arab Republic of Egypt an international conference was held on Tropical Basin Forests and Climate Change, from 05 to 07 September 2022.

The continued deforestation and degradation of the Congo Basin forests has several consequences, including :

  • Increased global CO2 emissions ;
  • The reduction of the sequestration capacity of atmospheric carbon;
  • The reduction of the flow of the Congo, Nile and Zambezi rivers, and of certain lakes in the region;
  • The drying up of some tributaries of the Congo River;
  • The disruption of the hydrological cycle in the Congo Basin;
  • The loss of biodiversity and the disappearance of hundreds of endemic flora and fauna species.

Managing, developing and protecting forest resources

This is in Yangambi,
In the province of Tshopo,

That was held the scientific conference from 05 to 07 September 2022.

Symbolic place when we know that it is at this location that the Flux Tower is installed, allowing to quantify the exchanges of greenhouse gases between the atmosphere and the forest. This allowed to better understand the contribution of tropical forests to the mitigation of climate change. This highlights the position of the DRC as the first lung of the planet and in the forefront of scientific research on climate change.

Yangambi, a world reference for the study of tropical forests.