Practical information

You will find the practical information to prepare your trip to Kinshasa, DRC.


In order to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is necessary to obtain a visa.

Each PreCop27 participant must complete the necessary visa application procedures to ensure that they are processed in a timely manner prior to travel to the DRC. All participants must have a passport valid for at least six months. Visa applications can take an average of 15 working days.

The organization will facilitate the visa process, each participant is invited to fill out the form attached to the invitation letter and return it by email.

Please note that there is no link between vaccination against Covid-19 and obtaining a visa, it is not a restrictive condition.


International travelers must pay certain airport taxes upon departure from the DRC. These amount to $55. This payment is required prior to departure.


Travelers to the Democratic Republic of Congo must have a valid international health certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.


We remind you that each participant must follow the following protocol before traveling to the DRC:

For fully vaccinated travelers

  • No pre-departure test to DRC upon presentation of proof of full vaccination with COVID-19 upon boarding.

For non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers
The organization will provide you with the practical details in the logistic note that will be sent to you.

The organization will inform you of the practical details in the logistic note that will be sent to you.

The testing and isolation protocol plays a key role in reducing the risk of Covid-19 infections during PreCop27.

Participants will be required to follow the protocol and perform daily testing before coming to the event. Rapid antigen test kits will be provided to participants. If an attendee tests positive for Covid-19 or has come into contact with a positive case, the attendee will be required to follow the approved protocol. Covid-19 positive travelers are required to isolate themselves in their rooms and will be tested on days 4 and 9 of isolation until they receive a negative result.


All participants are invited to follow the following link for hotel reservations :

Please specify your accommodation arrangements and send us the details to so that we can plan the logistics.


A pick-up service at the airport of Kinshasa (N'djili) with a protocol service and a transfer from the airport to the hotels recommended in the "accommodation" section is planned.

In order to facilitate transportation upon arrival at the airport and upon departure, participants must submit their flight plan to the following address and a copy to

The organization will provide transportation for the delegations during the PreCop27.


A doctor will be permanently posted in the Medical Treatment Center of the People's Palace ( Palais du Peuple), to take care of medical problems and emergencies. In addition, general and specialized paramedical services will be operational 24 hours a day. In case of emergency, contact the protocol services of PreCop27.

As an indication, the following medical facilities are located in the city of Kinshasa and can address the concerns of participants at their expense:

Kinshasa Medical Center
168, Wagenia Gombe opposite Beach Ngobila
Center Médical Diamant
2366 Colonel Monjiba, Kinshasa-Ngaliema
HJ Hospitals
22309 Boulevard Lumumba, Kinshasa-Limete